Q: Who are you?

We are a local Cannabis Dispensing Network. What that means is we connect your needs with local Cannabis products using local delivery services in anonymous packages. We don’t hold product ourselves, we use same-day couriers to connect you to the local supply using a unique block-chain style logistics. Our goal is privacy for everyone. Safe, friendly access to this healing plant.

Q: What do you mean by “local supply”?

There are many local producers, national online dispensaries and other registered businesses who are always looking to expand their revenue streams. We only work with those who are operating in a safe, nonviolent manner. We seek only suppliers who are self-regulated to the highest standard in hygiene, safety, pacifism, community engagement and social responsibility. Beyond that – we’re hoping to bring you a fun and unique selection of products you can try as you work though your ailments.

Q: Why do you need ID?

We simply need to vrify you’re over the age of 19. We will generate a unique profile you may then order from. It will then be perminently deleted from our encrypted servers. You can delete the message from your “sent” folder on your email server right after you send it. Deliveries will be setup to securely deliver directly to you. They will ask for ID and be able to identify you’re the correct person using unique identifiers. Other than that, we save very little information on you. That little information we save can’t identidy you on its own. Your address is only on file until your item is delivered. No one knows what’s in YOUR package except you. Our supply/delivery partners only have your order/identifier. IDing at the door is just a visual inspection to match info to you and a photo. Our goal is security, safety and privacy for our clients, partners and community.